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Combating FakeAlerts


The FakeAlert families are one of the most prevalent threats we are facing today and we see lots of new variants everyday. The threat is expanding constantly. For example, a couple of weeks ago, we observed the FakeAlert MacDefener/MacProtector that was targeting Mac users in addition to the usual attacks against Windows users.

Today, I’m really excited to see the news that the Department of Justice and the FBI announced that they have taken action against two international cybercrime rings that have been spreading FakeAlert malware. This operation hopefully has a big impact on cybercrime rings and will discourage them from selling FakeAlert. I hope this will neutralize the FakeAlerts threat someday.

For the time being, while waiting for the successful outcome, we need to protect ourselves from getting infected with FakeAlert. McAfee Labs prepared advisories for combating FakeAlert families and one of the recent prevalent families called “SystemDefender”.

These advisories show how that FakeAlerts threat deceives users and provides mitigation steps to avoid an infection. Please have a read and protect yourselves from such frauds!

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