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Could you spot this scam Google Drive email?


Google drive scam It’s early morning and with half an eye open you’re enjoying that first cup of coffee while you scan your emails and dream about being back in bed.

Well, that’s what I’m like on a Monday morning for sure, don’t know about you?!

So when I get to an email with the topic, ‘You have 1 new unread message on Google Drive!’

My fuzzy brain has a couple of conflicting thoughts, “Oh I use Google drive, wonder what this is about?” to “Hmm, it looks sort of real, maybe it’s a scam email”.

I immediately pep up a bit and start to look a little further into the email.

When I hover my mouse over the ‘Click Here’, I can see that the website that it links to has nothing to do with Google Drive and I bet that if I clicked on it, it would lead me to some nasty website that either tried to get personal information out of me, or infected my computer with malware.

So, three timely reminders that we all should heed:

1. Read everything in an email before you click on it.

2. If it still doesn’t look ‘quite right’ – do more research and don’t click on it.

3. If in doubt, delete the email. If it was important, the sender will send again!

Micheal McKinnon is the author of this article, which first appeared on AVG Australia’s blog. Micheal is a security advisor for AVG.

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