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Counting Down to Another Half-Year of Threats


The first half of the 2011 was marred by a spate of data breaches, vulnerability exploit attacks, the proliferation of more and more Android malware, improved social networking scams, and notable developments in traditional system infections.

As our security experts predicted, enterprises suffered from a slew of data breaches of never-before-seen magnitude. This spelled disaster not only for attack targets, but for their clients and customers, too. At the rate cybercriminals are launching attacks-targeted or not-there’s just no telling how many more companies and users will succumb to the dangers these pose before the year ends.

Making headlines several times in the short span of just three months, Trend Micro researchers proved how risky viewing Webmail accounts at work and downloading Trojanized apps are to users and businesses alike. Several attacks targeting these platforms put millions of users at risk of losing critical personal data, or worse, of opening their organizations’ back doors to cybercriminals.

Six months rife with all sorts of security threats have passed, and though we hope the latter half of the year won’t be as cybercrime-heavy, we can’t really expect the bad guys to just take things laying down. If anything, the rapid shifts in the threat landscape and the never-ending flow of new technological developments may only inspire cybercriminals to create even more successful scams.

To give you a more in-depth view of the ever-evolving threat landscape as the shifts occur and even more valuable insights direct from our security experts on what these mean for you, take a look at our comprehensive threat report, “2Q 2011 Threat Roundup.”

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