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Diablo III Targeted by Malware


I am one of the fans who had been eagerly awaiting Diablo III for more than ten years and now I am consumed in my attempts at the Inferno difficulty level every night. However, I was also focusing on the potential for this game to become the next target for malware authors since it was released because the game uses the Real Money Auction House. The Real Money Auction House allows players to trade their items and gold by using genuine money, such as U.S. dollars; this directly connects the game to the real world. It was my assumption that the game would be targeted by malware soon and unfortunately this has come true.

Today I identified a new W32.Gammima.AG variant that steals Diablo III communications.


This malware is not brand-new. We have encountered it several times before, so this is just a slightly improved version targeting Diablo III as well as the following games:

  • Arad
  • Lineage
  • MapleStory
  • The Kingdom of the Winds
  • World of Warcraft

The game’s developer, Blizzard Entertainment, has included some security protection, such as a one-time password authenticator and account locking, so that gamers can prevent their items and gold being stolen.

Symantec detects this malware as W32.Gammima.AG. To stay safe, please ensure that you have the latest patches installed on your system and keep your antivirus definitions up to date.

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MONDAY, JULY 15, 2024

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