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Did you know that you have a Facebook “Permanent Record?”


howto_annoy_facebookMost people might be surprised to find that Facebook keeps a record of just about all of your activity on the site.  Actually, in this day and age, where privacy has officially been declared dead, it really isn’t all that surprising at all.

If you live in the European Union, then you have the right to request a copy of every piece of data Facebook has about you on file. Some users have done just that, and the document for one user came in at 880 pages. Now this could have been a long time, very active member of Facebook, but this voluminous amount of data is enough to give just about anyone pause.

Techdirt combed through the archive and found some items of concern.  There is a recording of every computer you’ve used to login to Facebook, along with a list of other Facebook users that have logged in from the same machine. The author of the article assumed this is done for security and anti-phishing purposes, but how do we really know? Even more troubling was the fact that deleted messages are still retained by Facebook. Perhaps the “delete” button should be re-named “hide,” because nothing seems to ever really go away.

If you live in the EU, and you are the least bit curious about the data Facebook has retained about you, then you can request a copy by following the directions posted on Reddit yesterday: 

The post was entitled “How to Annoy the Employees of Facebook: A Step by Step Tutorial”.

1. Open this site:

2. Enter your personal information

3. Make a reference to the following law: “Section 4 DPA + Art. 12 Directive 95/46/EG”

4. Click on Send

A recently formed privacy group from Austria called, Europe v. Facebook has been instrumental in educating users on Facebook privacy violations, and how they may obtain their data.  Click here to see their complete list of Facebook’s data pool. 

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