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eBay Phishers Update their Branding.


eBay! Man, I’ve bought some weird things.

Apparently I can’t leave the blog at that, so you may want to be aware that not only have eBay updated their logo for the first time since 1995, some scammers have also been quick out of the blocks to rejig their phishing scams and paste in the new logo accordingly.

Here’s a scammer who hasn’t quite grasped the concept of “You’re horribly outdated” yet:

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meanwhile, here’s a scammer who clearly keeps up with the news and probably owns a gold plated yacht and maybe a Unicorn as a result:

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It probably won’t be long before most (if not all) phishers start using the new logo, but for the time being at least some phish attempts will be a little easier to spot for the average end-user. Of course, avid eBay users can also visit their Security Center and keep up to date with all the latest shenanigans.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some festival tickets to buy…

Christopher Boyd

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