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Facebook Files Suit Against Clickjacking Scammer


In a blog post yesterday, Facebook announced that they, along with the Washington State Attorney’s Office have filed lawsuits against Adscend Media, LLC.

Adscend Media is an advertising network that utilized “misleading and deceptive tactics, including one known as clickjacking”.

Clickjacking is a type of Facebook scam where scammers hide code on malicious websites that can hijack your browser to take actions without your consent. A typical ploy would be to entice users to click on provocative or sensational links and then have hidden code that would post the link or ‘like’ to a person’s Facebook profile.

McKenna, the attorney for the State of Washington, went on to say “We applaud Facebook for devoting significant technical and legal resources to finding and stopping scams as soon as possible – and often before they even start. We’re proud to join forces in order to protect Washington consumers”

This used to be a very popular form of attack, but Facebook has since employed security measures to all but eradicate this type of scam in particular.

Facebook attorney, Ted ullyot, stated ” Security is an arms race, and that’s why Facebook is committed to constantly improving our consumer safeguards while pursuing and supporting civil and criminal consequences for bad actors.”

Adscend is said to have made up to 1.2 million per month off of the Facebook spam they generated and capitalized on.

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