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Facebook Releases Official Security Guide


facebook_securityThe sheer number of people falling victim to scams is proof that there’s some educating that needs to be done – and soon. It’s not a matter of common sense, as there are people who aren’t naturally internet savvy and therefore need some guidance on the matter. Facebook has decided to satisfy this need by releasing a long-overdue security guide entitled “Official Guide to Facebook Security”. The guide aims to educate parents, teachers, and teens about how to keep their accounts safe and secure.

The guide might be a long time coming, but it’s certainly worth it once you see the all-star team that worked together to create it. Symantec Internet Safety expert, Linda McCarthy worked together with Keith Watson, a security researcher from Purdue University, and Denise Weldon-Siviy, a teacher and editor.

The guide, sticking true of Facebook’s policy to publish their write ups in simple English and not that technical hodgepodge that other sites tend to release. You can download it at Facebook’s Security Center or simply click this link:

Within the guide, you’ll find tips on how to create a great password and what to do once you have it. The universal rule for creating passwords is there, which is to make one that’s complex enough that people can’t guess it and yet meaningful enough that you won’t forget it. The guide also recommended some tools that would help you manage your passwords such as KeePass.

The guide also stresses the importance of logging out of your Facebook account when you’re done using it. Indeed, this simple step is something that a lot of people forget. It’s fine if you’re the only one using your computer, but if the computer you’re using is shared or – God forbid – public, then you’re setting yourself up for sabotage. Some people seem to think that they are automatically logged out when they close the browser – this is not true and could have devastating consequences.

The highlight of the guide, however, is the part where they provided details on how to avoid scams. Among those they mentioned were the “Malicious Script Scam”, which is commonly seen in apps that promise to show you who viewed your profile. They also mentioned ‘clickjacking’, which is basically when people click something that makes their accounts share links unknowingly.

The guide explains in full detail how to protect your Facebook accounts, how to avoid scammers, how to handle the site’s security settings, what to do when your account is hacked, and how to stop imposters. Basically all you need to know about Facebook security. It’s only 20 pages long and is well worth the read, so I would suggest that you download the document immediately and take the time to digest it.

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