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Fake YouTube administration emails lead to Canadian Pharmacy – Google’s famous video platform is misused to lure users to visit Canadian Pharmacy websites


YouTube’s popularity helps the scamsters to promote their dubious online pharmacies. G Data has reported earlier about this kind of spam being disguised as Twitter administration messages or up-to-date news. So, it is another example of well-known brands and public interest used as magnet for scam activities – And YouTube, with its more than two billion views per day, certainly is in the public’s focus!

The current wave of spam mails also comes with a very authentic look and feel, as we have noticed it before:

The subject lines are currently limited to two variations:

  •  YouTube  Administration sent you a message: Your video is approved
  •  YouTube  Administration sent you a message: Illegal video warning

All links provided in each email lead to one website (the initiator), which differs from email to email. This initiator website then redirects to the Canadian Pharmacy website. We have identified several initiator websites, amongst them, many hijacked legitimate sites, and until now, some target pharmacy sites:


The most recent Internet Drug Outlet report states that almost 96% of the researched websites "were found to be operating out of compliance with state and federal laws and/or NABP patient safety and pharmacy practice standards, and are listed as Not Recommended in the “Buying Medicine Online” section, under Consumers, on the NABP Web site." NABP Report PDF
This percentage did not change significantly since our last report about the NABP studies – it remains on a very high level.


G Data can only repeatedly warn against this kind of online drugstore! Do not put your life at stake with most likely counterfeit and harmful medication! And furthermore, do not enter any personal or credit card information into the websites’ forms, because they might want to use your data for further scams! Last but not least, it is not impossible that, by visiting the site, you harm your PC as well and catch a viral infection which is definitely not curable with any of the medication offered there.

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