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Late on Sunday, I got a weird message from a colleague.

He had done a Google News search, looking for latest press coverage on F-Secure and had found something weird.


I was not familiar with this news source, so I checked their front page.


And there it was. A fabricated article claiming that me and fellow security researcher Brian Krebs were arrested for selling stolen credit cards. As a sidenote, the article also mentioned that we were lovers. Now, let me make it clear: Neither of these claims are true. I like Brian, but not like that.

Here’s the fake article:


So, I called Brian up. He had already seen the article and had a pretty good idea who had done it, too. We have no idea how it ended up on though.

Of course, fake news like this travel fast.

So let me just state it for the record that I’m not arrested and I have not been involved in selling stolen credit cards…

Signing off,

PS. The fake article is a modified version of a real article written by Brian in 2007. The fake screenshot is based on a posting on a real crime forum at

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