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Fraud Wiki Repair Guide


Nowadays, there are a lot of Wiki pages on the internet that contains useful information on a wide range of topic that usually a community of people populate.  But not all information that can be found can be trusted.  One particular example is the Wiki that distributes the Fraud “PCCleaner Pro 2012”.

Upon accessing the main page, it shows a lot of common error that people may encounter in a typical windows machine and in its “Repair Guide” links, it will always ask the user to download the file “PC_Cleaner_Pro.exe” which TotalDefense products detects as Win32/FraudPCCleanerPro.A.

Figure 1. Wiki main page

If the file is executed it will go through a quite normal installation process and drop the file “PCCleaners.exe” into the system.  The location of this file will depend on user specified path during the installation process.  This file is also detected by TotalDefense products as Win32/FraudPCCleanerPro.A.

Upon launching this application, it will immediately say that it is scanning the system and will show the screen in Figure 2 upon completion.

Figure 2. Problem Page

Apparently it is declaring that there are a lot of errors in my system.  And upon clicking the Fix All button, it will eventually ask for Paypal or credit card payment to download a full version so my system can be “fixed”.  I highly doubt that my system will be fixed after paying up because in the first place it is not broken.

Figure 3. Payment page

Funny thing, the $10 off coupon will always expire on the day that you accessed the above webpage! 

Always make sure to keep your TotalDefense products up to date and don’t always believe everything you see on the net. 

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