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Generating false hope with fake generators


Another day, another random website offering up freebies that you’d be better off without. This time around, the site in question is located at freeamazingsoftwares(dot)blogspot(dot)com. The free programs include – stop me if you’ve heard this one – RuneScape gold generators, iTunes giftcard generators, Amazon Giftcard generators and XBox Live points generators.

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Of course, it doesn’t matter which program you want to download – your final destination will be this:

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“Are you dumb? Find out now!” Never a truer word spoken, courtesy of ye olde survey popup. Assuming the user fills in one of the above quizzes / signs up to a ringtone service, they’ll be free to download one of the above programs.

Will they work as advertised? Given that I’ve yet to see a working Microsoft points generator – and I’ve seen a lot of points generators – my answer would be “nope”. Could you take that “nope” and apply it to all the other programs too?

“Yep”. As with so many of these types of website, at best you’ll get a non functional dummy download. At worst, you could end up with anything from a phishing tool to a piece of data theft malware. Worth the risk? I think we’re back to “nope” again…

Christopher Boyd

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