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GFI Labs Email Roundup for the Week


Below are our noteworthy email threats for the week of December three to seven:

  • Phishers Target Wells Fargo Clients. Emails from banks claiming that they are unable to verify their client details (“Regarding what? Didn’t say, of course.”) and then pointing them to a URL where they can confirm their details online should be treated with disdain and must be banished into the the fiery pits of the Trash folder, never to be seen again. More here.

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  • A Short and Sweet Message from the Department of Investigations can perhaps make anyone’s blood freeze for a second or two due to intimidation. But recipients of this spam must snap out of it quick since the vagueness of the message should set off something in their heads.

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    Clicking the link on the message body allows users to download Cridex. Details here.

  • Amazon eBook Spam in the Wild. It’s back and it’s persistent. Spammers behind this malicious spam haven’t given up on this type of social engineering just yet. Users who click any of the links on the message body may also be infected with Cridex. Check this out here.

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  • Spam Pretends to Come from AICPA. The American Institute of CPAs won’t be happy about the fact that another slew of spam carrying its name is again making rounds in the Web. An earlier variant of this spam, which is found in February of this year, is known to have Blackhole exploit kits and rootkits in tow. This variant, however, has Cridex. Details here.

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We have also highlighted the following spam we found last week that you may also want to check out:

Stay safe!

Jovi Umawing

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