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GFI Labs Email Roundup for the Week


Another week, another roundup of noteworthy email threats for the week. For this release, we’re covering the dates of December 10 to 14.

  • “Mailbox Upgrade” Email is a Phish. If you’re using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express, I’m sure you’re familiar with this kind of email landing in our inboxes, especially if IT has set a limit of how much your inbox can carry.

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    First off, let me point out two things: one, 20GB of email space is too huge to be believable, and IT normally sets the limit of 2GB; two, IT does not tell their email users to validate anything. What they normally advise is to delete emails or move them to another location to free up space. Users who click the link on the mail is led to a phishing page. Reference here.

  • Unsolicited “Adobe CS4 License” Leads to Malware.

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    I wish there won’t be takers for any outdated Adobe CS4 license any time soon, much less a bogus one.  This leads to a BlackholeCridex system infection. Details here.

  • Spammers Target Citibank Clients. Citibank credit card users are recently targeted by this spam circulating in the wild, claiming to be their Citi Credit Card statement. Users who click any of the links, unfortunately, may suddenly find their systems infected with the Zbot/ZeuS banking Trojan. More here.

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If you come across any of these spam emails, it’s best to simply delete them from your inbox.

Stay safe!

Jovi Umawing

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