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Gift card from your friend? Beware spammed out malware attack


Cybercriminals are attempting to infect email users by spamming out a malware attack, posing as a gift card from a friend.

SophosLabs has intercepted a malicious spam campaign that has hit inboxes around the world, with a Trojan horse attached as a .PIF file.

Gift card for you malicious email

Subject: GIFT-CARD FOR YOU [number]
Attached file: gift-card.pif

Message body:
Hello! You Received GiftCard From your Friend,
Check it in Attached

With Best Regards,

Another version, with slight wording and typographical differences, reads:

Subject: GIFT-CARD From Your Friend [number]
Attached file: gift-card.pif

Message body:
Hi! You Received GiftCard From your Friend,

Check it in Attached
With Best Wishes,

Many Windows users may not realise that just because a file has a .PIF extension doesn’t make it any less executable, or any less of a risk to their computer. Opening the file will infect unprotected Windows computers with the Troj/Agent-RNY Trojan horse.

The only defence for users is an up-to-date anti-virus product and a healthy skepticism about unsolicited emails which arrive out of the blue in their inbox.

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