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Hot Diamond Organization 419 scam


Here’s a 419 scam with a little of everything, including a wonderful fake website. First, the email:

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In case you don’t want to read it – goodness knows, I tried – the “Hot Diamond Organization” have taken time out from selling diamonds and necklaces to give away one million dollars to “help individuals from countries facing terrorist attack and flood”. No, none of this makes any sense. Below, you can see the Hot Diamond website located at hdiamond(dot)page(dot)tl which pops adverts asking you to install things. The ads we’ve contain Pinball network installers, which would give the user Real Player, XVID and Blinkx. Here’s an example of what happens should you hit the “Install Xvid” prompt :

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If the end user ignores the advert popups, they still have the Hot Diamond website itself to contend with – a classy, sophisticated piece of social engineering that is absolutely not stuffed full of awful logic, stolen screenshots and spinning globes.

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Or, you know, maybe it is. Anyone with better observation skills than a pet rock will quickly realise that their “Lottery winner pictures” are just hotlinked files for everything from the Euro Lottery to, er, some other lotteries.

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By the time you get to their CEO / Board of Directors list, you get the distinct impression they’re not trying very hard. Case in point, say hello to Mr. James Moore:

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Let’s not forget Mrs Caroline and Mrs Mary, either. Finally, we have their “Send me all your money” form, which wants all sorts of personal information including banking details.

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I’m not sure this website hits the heady heights of this fakeout in terms of sheer dreadfulness, but it certainly comes close. You can happily ignore everything these scammers send to your mailbox.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks Wendy)

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