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MakerBot at the Met


I’ve had some (brief!) experience with MakerBot at a number of security events, so it was nice to see a Hackerthon event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art where both artists and MakerBot enthusiasts came together to see what creations they could dream up thanks to their trusty 3D printers:

The Break-R-Bot

From the MakerBot blog:

For the team from the Met Museum – America’s most iconic museum, a world-beloved, forward-thinking art institution – the dream is to collaborate with cutting-edge artists and DIY-makers, to discover how one might bring the relevant, emerging art practice of 3D capture and 3D printing to bear on the task of enlarging the public conversation about works in their permanent collection.

Here’s an example of how a MakerBot rolls, creating a bunny seemingly out of nothing:

There’s way too many blog posts to link individually, but you can read through all of them under the Met tag on the MakerBot blog. On an “unrelated but sort of similar” note, there’s a “Hackatrain” event taking place in Chicago on June 16th which is a “chance to code web and mobile apps while on a moving train”.

I can hear Gilbert & George kicking themselves for not having come up with it first…

Christopher Boyd

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