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Mega Search “Hack” is Digital Hall of Mirrors


Now that MEGA has launched (albeit a little shakily), it hasn’t taken long to spot what may be the first scam trying to make some money off the back of the brand new file hosting service.

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“Hack! Search and download files from for free”, the YouTube video claims (while linking no less than three times to the same link). As you would expect, the next thing the end-user would see is this:

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Clicking “Skip Ad” takes them to a rather bare looking blog which claims that they can “Search and download user files from the new MEGA website”.

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The full blurb reads as follows:

“We have found a way to search and download files from the new MEGA website and its (sic) for free. Click the link below and a dialog box will appear for you to search and download files”

Underneath, they provide two links: “Search” and “Search Help”. Observant individuals will notice both links are an identical link. Clicking either will take them to another page (unsurprisingly enough), before depositing them on the genuine MEGA website frontpage.

Doing nothing, however, will eventually redirect the willing file hunter to – I know! – yet another page which eventually leads back to the blog to have another go at, er, clicking a link.

There’s a bit of a theme here, isn’t there?

Anybody caught up in this digital hall of mirrors will likely spend a long time looking at loading screens and buttons asking them to “Skip Ad” a lot. What they absolutely will not achieve is any sort of joy whatsoever where searching for uploaded files is concerned. The only person to benefit here is the one potentially making money from the daisy chain of clicked links via the spamblog.

All in all, not very mega.

Christopher Boyd

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