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Money making scam advertised through Facebook Adverts


An expensive car, the see can be seen in the background . what a dream. And you can have these by working less than one hour per day and gaining between 150 – 500 euro per day. Who wouldn’t dream for such a thing? Obviously, as can be seen in the picture below, at least 3790 people like the idea.

So, where is the catch? Once you click on that link, you are redirected to a page where it is explained in German the idea of the game. But, there is nothing there which shows you how to make 500 euro in a day by working less than one hour.

The link presented there is a complex advertisement for online casinos. It explains in simple steps an algorithm that theoretically can’t go wrong. But it will. because nobody out there gives you money for nothing.

Basically, play always on one color until you win and every time you don’t win, increase the amount of money with an exact factor. The method is the same as the one described in the article “A fresh breeze in the Casino spam” published in September 2009. ( ).

What do the spammers have to gain from this action? They advertise online casinos and there is definitely a shared revenue there if they are not exactly the owners of the online casinos.

It is quite sad that Facebook is not doing anything against such scams. But, on the other side, why cutting the arm that feeds you? The fraudsters have paid good money for these advertisements.

As usual, we advise the users to never count on such “friendly” advices to make easy money. They are not there to give you money but to produce money.

Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert

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