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More Facebook scams


There are at least 3 other scams which currently spread very fast on Facebook, very similar to the one which we already analyzed.

The first scam is reporting that Chuck Norris has died at 71 years, the second one is reporting that a private home-made film with Kate Perry has been leaked, the third one is about “Most wanted videos on Youtube”.

All very different, but good enough to have millions of men clicking on them.

We have seen that mostly men are those who click on these scams.

Once you click on the second link, you are requested to install a DivX plugin which would allow you to see Youtube Premium content. Premium content on Youtube? Come on…

This installs an extension which basically accesses your Facebook account and posts on your wall and on the walls of all your contacts such messages.

After posting on the walls, the authors of the scam considered that it wouldn’t be so bad to make also some money and present the user a couple of online surveys, love tests and lottery games. Apparently, the content of these pages seems to be localized, because our virus researchers have obtained mostly pages written in German. However, we didn’t dig too deep into this scam to test it from multiple international locations.

This new extension is detected by all Avira products as JS/Scam.B.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert


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