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More spam disguised as LinkedIn notifications


We have written in the article Online pharmacy spam disguised as LinkedIn message about the online pharmacy messages which pretend to come from LinkedIn.

The spammers showed again that they don’t lack innovation because only days after the antispam products started to block them, they came up with a newer version.

The text of the message is short but very intriguing:


Subject: Can i place your photo on my LinkedIn page?
Hi ;)
Can i place your photo on my LinkedIn page?


Actually, LinkedIn has no feature that would allow a user to place a photo of another user on his own page. But, when you see such a message, you will be intrigued and not actually think about features of the website.

Fortunately, these emails are so easily recognizable as phishing (after all, they spoof the target URL) that all email clients I tested mark them as suspicious. The end result is the same as for the other emails – you will be redirected to a Canadian pharmacy website. This actually even disqualifies this email from being a phishing attack because no personal information is being collected with the intent to commit fraud.

Phishing or spam, such emails deserve only to be deleted.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert

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