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New movies, same old malware tricks


You probably don’t live on this planet if you haven’t seen at least the trailers from these two movies. And, from curiosity, there is only one step to social engineering for the masses.

Iron Man 3 and Star Trek – Into Darkness are the titles that make the news these days.

ironman3 startrek

It didn’t take long until various criminal groups started to exploit the news and published so called “online” versions of the movies. This means nothing else that online streaming.

We leave aside the legal implications which streaming a movie for free has, as it is not the topic of this article.

If you run a search on Google for “watch iron man 3 online”, you find about 380 mil (yes, million) results. Many of these pages will drive you to a website that most of the time offers the movie some but only through some special codecs or versions of known codecs.



There is nothing for free. Even if you don’t pay money, you pay by other means.

Once you download and install these programs, codecs, updates or whatever the pages require, you open the virtual door of your computer to malware. The so called player will download various malware on your computer thus transforming it in a bot.

We advise all users to not fall for these cheap tricks.

Sorin Mustaca

IT Security Expert

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