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New Year, New Old Threats


If there’s one thing we have to remember about certain Web threats-specifically those related to social networking and social media sites-and email threats, it is this: oftentimes, they come back to haunt us.

Case in point, we have found an old Facebook scam, which dates back from two years ago, making rounds again and a spamphishing ploy that is so 2007. Let’s see if any of these bring back memories..

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Familiar? This status message tells visitors that they can get 5,000 free Facebook credits by joining a promo (on a limited offer) and points them to a URL where they can join. Of course, in actuality, there is no promo and no free credits to be given away.

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Previous versions of this scam usually asks visitors to click “Like” buttons for pages, a method usually employed for the purpose of increasing the popularity of pages and their monetary value once sold. For the scam to proliferate within the network, users are also asked to update their Facebook profile with the above status message and link. Some versions present either a list of surveys to fill in or a form where users can enter their mobile numbers; only this latest scam offers both.

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If you, dear Reader, have encountered the said Facebook scam, it is best to steer clear. If you have already fallen to this scam, it is best to clean your feed by deleting the posts you created and unclicking the “Like” buttons of pages you’ve liked.


Our researchers in the AV Labs found an in-the-wild email spam leading to a phishing attack. It targets users of the open-source webmail application, SquirrelMail.

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The email is exactly as it was back in 2007, so any user can take their cues from the outdated versions of the app mentioned and the supposed solution to the issue the email is attempting to address. My advice? Delete the spam at once.

Jovi Umawing (Thanks for the AV Labs for the spam find)

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