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No, Microsoft will not give you 1 million dollars


No, no matter how good the document is looking, Microsoft will not give you any money, because there is no such thing as a Microsoft lottery.


Of course, the same applies to Nokia and AOL Online.

In the last few days we have seen a large amounts of emails with a size of 106KB containing a single Word document called Program3.doc.



It is amazing how much work somebody has invested in creating such a rich document. This one has a background with text and pictures, colored portions of text, many security warnings to make the user believe that he is actually reading an official document and many others.

They have even added a bar code in order to “uniquely” identify the winner of the so called Microsoft Lottery.


Fraudsters are using social engineering again – it is the present season and it is easier to fool people who want more money (and who doesn’t) to stop using their reason and fall for such scams.

No matter how realistic it seems, this is just a scam and the only thing you must do with such emails is to erase them. Never provide the requested information because you will be entering in a game which you don’t want to play. Usually, these people are making money laundry, financial scams (aka Nigerian Scams) or are simply wasting your time.


Sorin Mustaca

Data Security Expert

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