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Notifier gone. What’s next? Avira releases version 2014 of all products


Last week we surprised more than a few people by ending our long-running ‘Notifier’ ads in Avira’s Free Antivirus. We also announced our first-ever security product for Apple iPhones and iPads. And, as rumors have already circulated, we’re currently testing a new feature code-named ‘Avira Dashboard’

So what’s going on?

It’s part of Avira’s new focus on continuous updates to make sure that customers always have the latest and greatest available security features and protection. This week we started rolling out the 2014 versions of all Avira security products, which is the last major version update you’ll need to install. Ever!

Once you install Avira’s new 2014 software, then from here forward you will be able to add new security features – and only the features that you want – at any point in time without having to perform complex migrations from one version to another. Our goal for Avira’s 2014 product line is to give customers just the protection and features they want and need.

Since we’ve changed some of the product names to align with our new approach, let me outline what each of Avira’s current products are:

  • Free Antivirus – now without the Notifier ads and with even more functionality, like Secure Backup with 5 GB of online storage and Windows Firewall control.
  • Antivirus Suite – formerly known as Premium Antivirus, this is the security suite that ensures a solid basic protection for a fair price.
  • Internet Security Suite adds the System Speedup on top of the security provided by the Antivirus Suite in order to make the computing experience a breeze for everyone.
  • Family Protection Suite – is the perfect solution for families with children that need guidance and protection from unwanted or unsuitable websites.
  • Ultimate Protection Suite – the most comprehensive product suite, covering multiple platforms (Android Security Paid) in order to keep your family and your PCs protected. This suite is also keeping your PC in good shape with System Speedup and all your data safe by using Secure Backup with 200GB of online storage.
  • Free Mac Security – our security solution for MacOSX.
  • Android Free Security – free security solution for devices running Android OS.
  • Free Security for iPhone and iPad – free security solution for Apple devices running iOS.

All of Avira’s premium products now include ‘Advanced Real-Time Protection’ which brings you intensive malware detection power in the cloud. The premium suites also include a flexible new licensing system so that you can protect all your devices – Windows, Mac OSx, Android and Apple iOS – with just one Avira security suite. You can find out more details about all of these products here:

And finally, we’ve kept our popular Avira SearchFree Toolbar as a separate optional package, which continues to offer our highly appreciated Browser Tracking Blocker and Website Safety Advisor.

Get just the protection that you want and need, and never have to upgrade again. I recommend you to download Avira 2014 today.

Sorin Mustaca

Product Manager

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