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OpFake Goes Undercover as GTA3 10th Anniversary Edition


Grand Theft Auto, someone please think of the children and so on.

Me, I’d rather be thinking of my Android because we’re going to take a look at a dubious “GTA 10th Anniversary Edition” that wants to carjack your phonebill.

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After wading through the “you really want to download this game, don’t you” text it’s time to grab the .apk file via the big blue download button and install it on an Android device.

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Below is the permissions screen, take note of the last entry:

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“Services that cost you money: Send SMS messages”.

An app wanting to send SMS messages downloaded from a random Russian website touting a version of a game you can just obtain from the Google Play market?

What could possibly go wrong, apart from everything. By the way, enjoy your brand new homepage – if you were wanting to learn Russian anytime soon then you’re in luck:

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What we have here is another version of OpFake, which has recently expanded efforts to target iPhone users along with Android devices and everything from fake Instagram apps to phony Google Play sites have become very popular as of late. Costly SMS messages are the order of the day, and that’s no different in this case where the installed “game” sends messages to the number “2855″. The website for the above GTA application has links to another site on the Terms and Conditions promoting various other gaming classics including Dead Space:

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It goes without saying that you should only download applications for your Android device from the official Google Play store – at the very least, check if a popular title is on there before downloading it from the first random website you come across.

We detect the above GTA3 application with VIPRE Mobile Security as Trojan.AndroidOS.OpFake.a.

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to Randall for finding this, and to Jovi, Dean and Michelle for additional information)

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