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Oslo bombing taken advantage of by Facebook scammers..


Our sympathies to the people of Oslo after the tragic bombing in their city.

Unfortunately within hours of the bombing Facebook scammers have latched on to the news and are trying to take advantage of the Facebook communities.

The message spreading across on Facebook reads: “[URL] [Video] OSLO Security Camera Captures Blast!”.

If users were to click on this link, they’d be directed to a fake Facebook page with a fake YouTube player. The screen is grayed out until you agree to take survey to prove you are 18 years of age and click “Jaa”.

Instead of playing the video, they’re then asked to complete an IQ test, followed by a request to enter their mobile phone numbers. Worse yet, they’re then charged two dollars per question that’s sent to their phones four times a week. And to lure their friends to the scam, a post requesting others to watch the video will automatically be posted to the victim’s Facebook status stream.
This sort of scam seems to occur whenever a big news story hits; it occurred after the killing of Osama bin. Although the AV software can help protect against some of these attacks, still the users to employ some common sense. In this case, why would a user need to complete an IQ test and enter their mobile number to watch a video.

Quick Heal blocks the fraudulent links for such attacks and protect it’s users.

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