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Photographs of Download Festival Tickets: A Nice Little Earner


Tickets to the ever popular Download Music Festival will fetch a pretty penny on sites such as eBay, yet the Download website advises potential buyers to purchase tickets direct, naming one sole third party vendor as a trusted source for tickets. A quick check of tickets on sale shows that music fans should pay great care and attention to what they’re bidding on.

Remember the popular scam a few years ago where sellers on eBay would sell a “Playstation 3″ but mention in small text that you were actually just bidding on the box? In those cases, sellers were relying on buyers not to read the small print (even when the “box only” mention was in the title of the sale page). Well, we seem to have a similar deal in relation to the Download festival because alongside genuine sales of tickets we have items like this (bold emphasis mine):

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“Download festival ticket 5 day camping photo x1

The item for sale is a photo of a 5 day ticket to Download Festival, the hottest festival this year, on the 8th-10th of June with early access. Bid fast and feel free to ask any questions. No refunds.”

I’ll leave it to you to ponder why anybody would possibly buy a photograph of an event ticket, unless they were convinced they were bidding on the real thing. This is why it’s crucial to check every last detail, even when some sellers are more upfront that they’re only selling pictures of tickets:

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Think potential buyers couldn’t possibly hit the bid button for items such as these? Think again, to the tune of ?250+ for a winning bid:

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Of course, it’s entirely possible someone out there does want to pay money for a photograph of a ticket to a music festival. All the same, I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect to pay ?265 for the privilege unless this is a new form of Andy Warhol style pop culture commentary in the guise of tickets dressed as art that I’m unaware of.

One thing is for certain, these won’t be getting you into festivals any time soon…

Christopher Boyd

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