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Pinterest VISA Giftcard Spamrun on Twitter


Avid users of Pinterest should be aware that a large spamrun involving the Twitter account “Pinterestdep” is underway right now, asking users to visit the Twitter page and associated URL. Here’s one spam example in case the Twitter staff nuke the bot posts from orbit:

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The account in question has a solitary tweet, posted 18 hours ago:

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“Just tell us what you think of Pinterest, and get a free $150 VISA gift card now!”

The stats page for the link tells us 204 people have clicked it since April 1st, and no doubt more will be taking a look while the spam bombardment continues from multiple bot accounts.

As for the page itself, it’s along the same lines as the final destination URLs for the links served up by the Tumblr spam posts not so long ago. To get your hands on a “free” card, you have to do the following:

“Eligible members can receive the incentive gift package by completing two reward offers from each of the Silver and Gold reward offer page options and nine reward offers from the Platinum reward offer page options and refer 3 friends to do the same.”

Pinterest fans should avoid this particular spam run, choosing instead to pin their hopes on not signing themselves up to a dozen or so advertising promotions.

Christopher Boyd

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