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Ransomware false advertising


The AVG Web Threats Research group found a redesign of a recent ransomware page that claims the scam has dealings with most of the major anti-virus companies in the world, including AVG.

The malicious operators behind the scheme have put the name and logo of the US Department of Justice at the top of their ransomware page and the logos of the world’s major antivirus vendors at the bottom.

The page claims, in fractured English: “For a more effective police work, was signed a treaty with companies to develop anti-virus software on 5 December, 2012 for identifying cybercriminals.”

Just for the record, AVG does not sign “treaties” with ransomware scammers.

Researchers have found the ransomware installed by Blackhole and Redkit exploit kit. The ransomware page demands that a “fine” of several hundred dollars be paid through an untraceable payment system in order for the victim to receive a code that will unlock his or her machine.

The scam, with various designs of the ransomware page, has been going on for more than six months and was reported on the FBI web site in August (

Below are page designs we’ve seen recently:

– AVG Web Threats Research group

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