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Second Life Phish: Free Linden Dollars


Second Life! I tried it once and ended up as some sort of six foot tall wolf creature in a dress. Or something. I can’t say I see too many scams related to it, but here’s one that qualifies – a website peppered with broken English is asking users of Second Life to enter their credit cards to “proceed the 2500$L survey”.

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“You must confirm your credit card to complete the request. Second Life will don’t charge your credit card”.

Now, I may not be up on my Second Life but I do know that the monetary amounts – Linden Dollars – are written as L$, not $L. So hey, that looks a little peculiar right off the bat. It also took me a while to find a currency converter but as best I can tell, 2500 Linden Dollars is worth roughly ?6.00 / $9.88.

Also, well done on that whole “will don’t charge” thing.

Entering card details will bring users of Second Life to the following “Whoops, no money for you” page:

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You’ve more chance of seeing me in my six foot tall wolf / dress combo than you have of getting any free cash from the above website, especially as the web-host pulled the plug sometime in the last 30 minutes or so.

Of course, that doesn’t mean the people behind it won’t just throw it back online somewhere else so please apply some caution if faced with a similar page and steer clear.

Christopher Boyd

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