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“Stop Scrolling and Get Paid” Spam Delights Tumblr Users


Well, maybe not “delights”.

It’s time for your regularly scheduled bout of Tumblr spam. This is what’s currently doing the rounds at the moment: “Stop scrolling and get paid”, a work from home system being promoted by lots of unwanted Tumblr posts and a fake news website.

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So I convinced my mom to buy me the work at home system at [url removed] because it was cheap as hell, and I wanted to try making money online. I made $190 in like 3 hours. It seemed too good to be true so I stopped doing it to see if they’d actually pay me.

So I spent the past 9 hours grinding hard yesterday and made $850. this is surreal and I am so [expletive deleted] excited. You guys need to break out your credit cards or get your parents to do it and buy this [url removed] (I know I posted this yesterday but it’s my good deed of the week to keep reblogging it, plus I found a cbs article talking about it. Get it while the getting is good! Article: [url removed] )

I’m not sure what I like more, the URL dropped into the text 3 times or the nag, nag, nag to rush out and wave credit cards at the computer (whether it’s you doing the waving or your parents). The site linked to is a particularly convincing CBS News fakeout, complete with (genuine) links all over the place for everything from the official Facebook page to various legitimate Twitter accounts.

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If we take a look at the stats page, we can see a bit of a flurry of activity in the last couple of days if filtered to “past 7 days”, along with a number of Twitter accounts all spamming the same link.

Our advice? Start scrolling and keep saving.

Christopher Boyd

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