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That’s Amore? No, That’s A-Malware


If you want, you can choose to believe that the people behind some Malware made to look like an MP3 called “Delfin2.exe” did so in a ruse to bait fans of Andean techno-folklore music creator, Delfin Quishpe. You could also choose to believe that they just forgot to call it something other than a common Malware name, but either way this is the file currently trying to serenade you with tidings of “run this executable”:

Unfortunately, anybody hoping for some dropped beats (or even the odd tamborine) will be sorely disappointed – the only beats being dropped here will be the ones relentlessly slapping your computer in the face as it falls prey to a Banking Trojan.

Packed with UPX, the file (once run) will register processes to execute at boot-up and start making attempts to email info back to the attacker:

As always, this isn’t something you want on your computer, and GFI Software’s VIPRE detects this as Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra.

It’s not that long ago we found a similar Trojan – hopefully this one will run out of steam before long and we can all go back to the soothing rhythms of Andean techno-folklore.

Or not…

Christopher Boyd

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