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The Enterprise Mobility Architecture According to the NSA


The National Security Agency (NSA) recently established the NSA Mobility Program to focus on delivering secure mobile capability using commercial technologies to the United States Government (USG) and the Department of Defense (DOD).

In February, the NSA released a 101-page document (v. 1.1, still a moving document) they called Mobility Capability Package. In it contains “guidance on the required procedures necessary to build and implement a Secure Voice over IP (VoIP) capability using commercial grade cellular mobile devices.”

Illustration of the Basic Segments of a Secure VoIP
(Source: Mobility Capability Package, p10)

This guideline serves to encompass all five major categories of the mobile ecosystem, which are as follows: Secure Voice (to be able to secure the commercial smartphone accessing the cellular network while effectively and securely performing its role for the purpose of warfighting, intelligence, or business), OS/Apps & Mobile Device (to be able to “harden the layers that can be hardened” and “monitor the layers that can’t be hardened”), Connections of Carrier Services (to be able to “interface with Government Controlled Infrastructure”), Enterprise Mobility Infrastructure (to be able to service users while “protecting data, enterprise resources, users, and their mobile devices”), Interoperability (details to follow soon).

You may visit this site for more info.

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