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The Weirdest Games for Android Smartphones


Maybe you like to live life on the edge. Maybe you're a daring soul, who puts extra hot sauce on her burrito and rips the tags off of mattresses! Or maybe you just like weird smartphone games. In which case, check out these demented games for your Android smartphone!

SpaceCat (3D)

From Pill Tree, the crazy Netherlanders who brought you Chalk Ball, comes SpaceCat (3D)! (Henceforth known as just SpaceCat.) And what, you ask, could be better than cats in space? Cats in flying saucers, that's what.

"In the year 3122," the game's description explains, "man has conquered space and has taken his favorite pets with him: Cats." Dog lovers, commence weeping. But it's not all fun and games for the SpaceCats, because they have to catch SpaceRats, "an evolved species that keeps annoying the crew of the spaceships." That's where the miniature flying saucers come in. How else are the kitties going to catch them?

The actual game play is Lunar Lander-style; tilt your phone to pivot the on-screen saucer, and tap the screen to fire its thrusters. Steer the saucer kitty towards the floating rats, and make sure you don't run into walls. An optional realistic physics setting is provided, for those who want to know what cats in flying saucers would really be like.

Drive your kitty around the spaceship! Paint your flying saucer in tie-dye colors! Get weirded out by the game's very premise! It's SpaceCat! Because "Every kitty deserves a chance to pilot a spaceship."

Robot Unicorn Attack

With a name like Robot Unicorn Attack, how can you go wrong? Especially since it's based on the popular, tongue-in-cheek Flash and iPhone game from Adult Swim.

The graphics aren't quite as sharp as in the iPhone version, but the two-button game play is fast and responsive. The titular robot unicorn constantly gallops across the screen, to the tune of Erasure's "Always," and one button makes it jump while another makes it dash forward to destroy obstacles. You get three wishes, I mean lives, to clear every stage, and your high scores are tracked on the OpenFeint network.

"Run like the wind, dash like the rain, and make your dreams come true"! Actual dreams not guaranteed to come true. Not recommended for those who are allergic to rainbows, or who would faint at the sight of robot unicorns' severed heads.

Angry Birds

What could be weird about such a mainstream game as Angry Birds, you ask? Come on. You're launching birds from a slingshot. As weapons. To blow up buildings made by pigs. What's not weird about that?

Still don't believe me? Watch this fake movie trailer, and tell me Angry Birds is not weird. I dare you.

Jared Spurbeck is an open-source software enthusiast, who uses an Android phone and an Ubuntu laptop PC. He has been writing about technology and electronics since 2008.

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