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Threat Encyclopedia: Blackhole Exploit Kit


Introduction to Threat Encyclopedia

The Threat Encyclopedia is where we arm you with all the knowledge you need to understand and avoid malware of all types. This isn’t an in-depth analysis of malware code but instead covers the basics and helps you understand what antivirus programs like AVG protect you from.

Blackhole Exploit Kits:

What is a more suitable place to start than currently the world’s most popular web threat? According to AVG’s Threat Labs, over 30% of all instances of malware in the world are caused by Blackhole Exploit kits.

With over 130 known variants, the Blackhole Exploit Kits are growing and evolving at a rapid rate, meaning that antivirus companies around the world are working hard to keep definitions up to date and ensure that new variants are found and blocked before they become effective.

What does a Blackhole Exploit Kit do?

A Blackhole Exploit Kit can be thought of as an All-In-One kit for malware owners of all levels to attack computers.

Rather than directly attacking an infected computer, a Blackhole Exploit Kit determines what is on the victim’s computer and loads all exploits that this computer is vulnerable to. This can result in stolen personal information and downloading of further malware including Trojans without the user’s knowledge or consent.

The exploits that the Blackhole Exploit Kit is looking for can be as basic as old versions of browsers and ubiquitous software such as Java, Adobe Flash and Adobe Reader.

Part of what makes the Blackhole Exploit Kit is that it is a highly marketable product. Though traded illegally, people with no knowledge of code and malware scripting can buy and install the kit and become profitable cybercriminals with no prior knowledge or expertise. As such it has become a piece of crimeware as much as malware.

For more information about the growing trends of Blackhole Exploit Kits take a look at AVG’s Q1 2012 Threat Report.

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