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Twitter DM Lures Recipients to iPad Scam


We have been reading reports of malware and phishing attacks by means of suspicious direct messages to get user systems infected or have user information and credentials stolen, a ploy that is fast becoming common in the Twittersphere now more than ever.

One GFI Labs blog reader gave us the heads up on the latest DM currently making rounds on Twitter.

The message says:

did you see your pics with her facebook(dot)com/45569965114786.

Users who click the embedded link are led to a Facebook app page, which then executes a PHP script-

-before redirecting them to this:

click to enlarge

It appears to be a genuine Facebook event page; however, the URL has made obvious that it’s not at all related to the said social networking site.

Depending on where users are in the US and UK, they are led to either a survey scam page or a phishing page once they click Click here.:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

Others are redirected to this ad campaign page we’re probably familiar with:

click to enlarge

We have determined that more than 4,500 Internet users have visited the dodgy Facebook app page; however, it is unclear how many have fallen victim to these scams.

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