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Twitter Phish DMs: “This profile on Twitter is spreading nasty blogs around about you”


Looks like 2013 is off to a phishy start, with the following missive doing the rounds on Twitter via DMs on compromised accounts:

FYI this profile on twitter [url removed] is spreading nasty blogs around about you

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There’s a number of URLs and fake logins being posted right now to users in a wide range of geographical locations, and it all comes down to Twitter phishing with at least one of the phish URLs being registered to an individual claiming to be located in Shanghai, China. That particular site – ivtvtter(dot)com – is currently offline (and also listed in Phishtank).

Thanks to CR-Pyro who gave us the initial heads-up, we’re informed that attempting to login would result in a 404 error then a redirect to the real Twitter site to make everything look nice and legitimate.

These types of Twitter scam come around often, and end-users should always be wary of “Have you seen this” style messaging from contacts. Things may not go to plan…

Christopher Boyd (Thanks to CR-Pyro for the tip)

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