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Ultra Drops for Healthy Fast Weight Loss! – Facebook Scam


Scam Message: Ultra Drops for Healthy Fast Weight Loss!

If you see this on a friend’s Newsfeed, or if it is posted directly to your wall, then there is a good possibility that your friend has been hacked or has a rogue Facebook application installed. We have seen this posting several times. There is most always a disclaimer from the Facebook account doing the posting claiming that they didn’t post it, and they don’t know how it happened. Accounts posting this message should change their password ASAP.

Why it’s a Scam:

Once you click on the Wall link, you are taken to the bogus news site shown below:

**This scam uses multiple domains and the page may vary somewhat.**

This page is engineered to look like a Fox news site, but if you check the URL, you will see that it isn’t legitimate. The scam page serves  as an infomercial for HCG Ultra drops. It appears the scammers are taking control of user accounts, and then spamming this message to their friends. The goal here is to use the trust you have in your friend’s endorsement and purchase the diet drops. We can’t speak to the legitimacy of the product, but considering the marketing methods employed, we recommend you steer clear of this product. You could likely find similar products far cheaper at a grocery or health food store.

How to Deal with the Scam:

If you see this posted on your friend’s Wall, then try to contact them immediately and let them know that their Facebook account has been compromised. Changing your Facebook password often stops the scam messages from posting to your account.

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