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WARNING: Adobe Flash Player Update Virus Warning for Zynga Games – Facebook Hoax


If you or any of your friends play Zynga games on Facebook, then you have likely seen the following warning circulating:

WARNING to all: If you get an Adobe Flash Player Update message that pops up when you click on Zynga games (mafia, farm, poker HC etc) – DO NOT RUN IT….it is could be a Trojan and it looks very authentic..!!!!…..Re-post to all our neighbors please!!!!!!!….Thanks

We did some digging, and we could find no such threat. It appears that Flash problems can be a source of errors for Zynga games, and it is important to keep your Flash Player update regularly.

If there is ever any question about the authenticity of an update alert, then you can always go directly to Adobe’s website and update your Flash Player there:

We did find some additional information that could be related to the viral warning. A blog dedicated to Mafia Wars posted a very detailed explanation yesterday about a current Adobe notification. The notification in question is a request from Adobe to store information on your local computer. It’s not a Flash Update request at all.

We aren’t all too familiar with Zynga games, but it’s possible that other games are receiving similar notifications.

As with most “ALL CAP WARNINGS” on Facebook, this one is also false.

If you or your Facebook friends are falling for tricks like this, it’s time to get yourself informed of the latest threats. Be sure to join the Facecrooks community of over 130,000 fans on Facebook to be kept informed of the latest Facebook hoaxes, scams and security issues.

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