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What Has Become of Spam?


Spammers have moved into new fields like social media (e.g., Facebook and Twitter). Like mass-mailing attacks, social media spam runs are triggered by the same motivation. Businesses that use social media can come across Web threats in the course of marketing and promotion. Social media spam may also cause system infections through employees who access social networking sites at work.

Spam have come a long way since their first incarnation as text strings. In fact, trying to mitigate this nuisance translates to profit loss for most businesses, as according to a recent study, spam cost European companies an estimated US$2.8 billion worth of productivity loss while U.S.-based companies reported a loss of US$20 billion. These have rapidly become a major security threat-a catalyst for potential financial drain or for intellectual property theft-to organizations worldwide.

Traditional spam may be decreasing in volume but old techniques are still being used to instigate today’s spam attacks so the battle continues. Spamming methods have also advanced to the point wherein IP blacklisting and content filtering on their own are no longer sufficient.

Fortunately for Trend Micro product users, backed by the Trend MicroT Smart Protection NetworkT, Trend Micro ScanMailT for MicrosoftR ExchangeT protects their systems, networks, and confidential data from cybercriminals’ prying eyes. It is the only mail server security solution that blocks email containing links to malicious sites-the number 1 threat today-before these can even reach your inboxes. Web and email reputation utilize real-time threat intelligence to immediately stop rapidly evolving and targeted attacks.

For more information on the current state of the spam landscape and tips to arm your systems and networks against spammers, read our security focus report, “Spam in Today’s Business World.”

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