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When the mail services deliver dangerous packages


We are monitoring a spam campaign that is using the names of delivery services like FedEx and DHL to send the receiver to a website that installs malware.

With subjects like “Not possible to make delivery” or “Shipping service”, the emails make heavy use of social engineering by creating a sense of emergency in order to convince the receiver of the email to visit the website. The emails don’t carry any payload, the malware is hosted exclusively on compromised websites that usually have a good reputation.

fedex dhl

This trojan is a typical bot: it contacts several Command and Control servers in order to receive further commands. All Avira products detect the malware as TR/Dldr.Dofoil.qty (check the link for further details about the malware).

We advise our readers to never respond in any way to the requests coming in such emails. The real delivery services might notify you via email about your packages, but if you want to check the status of the delivery in real time, you should never click on the links in the emails. And, in any case, they never send you invoices and other files attached to the email. If you should receive emails containing an attachment, never open it even if the file is not a program. Even PDF, DOC or HTML files can contain exploits for various vulnerabilities.

Sorin Mustaca

IT Security Expert

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