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wtf!! [name] is this you in this video? – Facebook Scam


Scam Signature Messages

This video made me laugh so much haha!

wtf!! [name] is this you in this video?


Trending: September 2011

Scam Type: Rogue Javascript 

Why it’s a Scam:

This scam is spreading Wall to Wall as you can see if the image shown above. An infected user posted the YouTube video on Tim’s Facebook Wall. Clicking on the bogus embedded YouTube video loads the following:     


This should be a huge red flag to you! A common ploy of scammers and malware distributors is to trick users into installing a bogus video players or flash upgrades.   We clicked continue just to show you the next step of this scam, and this is what we found: 


This is red flag number 2. Instead of a malicious download, the scammer wants you to copy and paste code directly into your browser. Never, ever do this!   You bypass basic security protocols located within the web browser itself. Your system can be compromised and exploited in many different ways. 

How to Deal with the Scam:

If you follow the scam through to its completion, then you are likely spreading the very same scam message to your friends. They will need to remove the bogus YouTube video by clicking the small “X” located in the top right hand corner of the post on their wall. You also need to run a complete system scan on your machine to make sure the code didn’t infect your system.

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