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IDG Contributor Network: Software supply chain puts businesses at risk

IDG Contributor Network: Software supply chain puts businesses at risk


What a time to be in cyber security! The high-profile breaches just keep rolling in – Equifax, SEC, Deloitte. It’s the new normal. Are we becoming desensitized to it all? Every breach seems to follow the same script – it was someone else’s fault, only a few people were really affected, and it’s not really so bad. Public Relations goes into overdrive. Within days of the breach, more and more evidence surfaces that reveals the only real surprise is why it took so long.

Investors, on the other hand, have not become desensitized, because Executive Heads are rolling. Business leaders are finally recognizing that there’s a new reality in 2017: If you don’t have control of your security posture, you don’t have control of your business. This is also reflected in short term share prices after a breach.

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