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Why you shouldn’t pay extortionists | Kaspersky official blog

Why you shouldn’t pay extortionists | Kaspersky official blog

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Sometimes, reading an article about what to do in case of a ransomware attack, I come across words like: ‘Think about paying up’. It’s then when I sigh, exhale with puffed-out cheeks… and close the browser tab. Why? Because you should never pay extortionists! And not only because if you did you’d be supporting criminal activity. There are other reasons. Let me go over them here:

First, you’re sponsoring malware

Cybervillains, malicious actors, extortionists, cybercriminal groups… – they’re all bad guys, and if you pay them a ransom, you’re giving them the income they need to keep doing what they do: negatively affecting the lives of innocent people. A vicious circle would set in: they encrypt you, you pay them, they encrypt others…

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