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A new Adobe 0-day In the Wild – – But No Worries, You are Already Protected with Our Secure Web Gateway!


Yesterday Adobe released an advisory for a vulnerability in the Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat products. The vulnerability, titled ‘U3D Memory Corruption Vulnerability’ was part of a targeted attack and discovered by Lockheed Martin’s Computer Incident Response Team. This is not the first time a targeted attack has been aimed at the US defense industry.

This attack involves embedding a maliciously crafted Universal 3D (U3D) stream in a PDF file, one of several examples of attacks on embedded streams within PDF files, and represents a growing attack vector due to its ability to deal with defense mechanisms among which DEP and ASLR (two techniques meant to help prevent unauthorized code execution) using known techniques such as JIT Spraying.

According to Adobe’s blog post released alongside the advisory, Adobe is planning to release an update for Adobe Reader 9, the version targeted by this vulnerability, “no later than the week of December 12, 2011″. The rest of its supported versions will receive updates as part of their quarterly updates in January 2012.

M86 Secure Web Gateway, version 9.2 and above, provides zero-day protection against this attack, without requiring any further updates. Customers who wish to monitor the attack in their organization may look for attacks that are tagged with the “Adobe Universal 3D streams” block message.

We’re proud that our proactive rules block this new zero-day exploit and we’ll continue to work hard to provide this level of protection to our customers in the future.

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