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A Peek Inside the Vertex Net Loader


It appears that the author of the of the DarkComet RAT has been keeping himself rather busy.

In early-stage development (currently in BETA), the Vertex Net Loader is your typical web-based command and control malware loader, worth keeping an eye on.

More details:
Info on the loader:
This is the small program that will send/retrieve info from/to the web panel , it is like the server part of a RAT. The loader is coded in C++. Size unpacked is ~100kb , compressed is very small and still stable. I choose C++ as the language for this project cause i code C++ since a long time but i never release some security soft, so as a friend said it is a shame to have a knowledge in C++ and don’t use it instead of Delphi all the time. Also C++ is faster and more stable than any other language.

Features of the loader:
– Send message box
– Execute any kind of commands
– close loader process
– Download files and execute them
– Get the process list
– Get the modules list from PID
– Set the keylogger status ON/OFF
– Retrieve the keylogger logs
– Read the file content and retrieve it
– Uninstall the loader
– Httpflood same technologies as i used for DarkComet that is very powerfull
– Remote shell
– Visit any webpage

Upcoming features:
– More commands
– Panel Installer
– More possibilities in the webpanel
– User manager in the panel
– Plugins support
– and more.

Monitoring of Vertex Net Loader’s development is ongoing.

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