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Here’s a normal looking BBB spam, which typically would lead to malware:

From:     Milford Finn [email protected]
Date:     5 March 2012 10:42
Subject:     BBB have recieved a customer complaint about your company.

Business Owner/Manager,
One of your business customers has filed a complaint with The Better Business Bureau concerning the negative experience he had with your company. The consumer complaint is attached below. Please submit your response to this matter as within 21 days. The most efficient way to provide your response is by using the Online Complaint system. Please follow the following link to access the above-mentioned customer complaint and submit your response to it:
BBB complaint center

Use the following data to login:

Case ID: #2478119
Password: 65950

The Better Business Bureau  acts in the role of a a neutral third party, and helps you resolve your customer disputes fast and efficiently. We develop and support online Reliability reports on American companies, open to the Public and used by millions of business customers. A satisfactory customer report can have a pronounced positive impact on your business.

We hope for your immediate attention to this matter.

Kenyon Frye
Dispute Counselor 

Except the idiot spammers have forgotten to include the domain name and have left if at what is presumably the default of

Unfortunately, next time the spammers will probably get it right.. in the meantime, here are some example subjects being used in this attack:

  • Better Business Bureau needs your urgent attention. 
  • Better Business Bureau customer complaint. 
  • BBB have recieved a customer complaint about your company. 
  • Your company is accused of illegal financial transactions.

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