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FireEye Unveils All-in-One Platform to Detect, Contain and Mitigate Threats


FireEye, a provider of solutions that help companies block advanced cyber attacks, has expanded its FireEye Security Platform in an effort to offer customers a single solution that spans from threat detection and alerts to remediation.

The enhancements incorporate endpoint protection and managed security services from Mandiant, the company FireEye recently acquired for roughly $1 billion. Additionally, the updated platform includes new analytics and intrusion prevention capabilities, FireEye said.

The FireEye Security Platform is powered by the company’s Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine that conducts signature-less analysis in a specialized sandbox to provide protection across the primary threat vectors—Web, email and files. FireEye’s Security Platform also has been updated to include FireEye Dynamic Threat Intelligence.

Overall, FireEye said that the new capabilities of its FireEye Security Platform include:

Intrusion Prevention System – A new intrusion prevention system applies FireEye’s MVX technology to validate attacks and minimize the time and resources security teams spend investigating false alerts. Users get actionable insight from validated alerts so they can focus on alerts that present the greatest risk and accelerate incident response.

Endpoint Threat Detection Response – The platform now incorporates Mandiant’s endpoint threat detection and response products (formerly sold as Mandiant for Security Operations). FireEye customers can now confirm when network and email alerts result in compromise.

Threat Analytics – New threat analytics capabilities allow security teams to apply FireEye’s threat intelligence to security event data generated from their existing security infrastructure so they can find and scope attacks as they are unfolding. A cloud-based solution, the threat analytics can perform real-time correlation of event logs against FireEye’s threat intelligence to identify when attackers are active in an environment.

Managed Defense Subscription Services – New subscription services build on FireEye’s continuous monitoring subscription service by offering additional expertise from Mandiant’s Managed Defense service. Organizations will now be able to choose from an expanded menu of monitoring and protection services and draw on FireEye security analysts to actively hunt for adversaries to find and stop attacks as they begin to unfold.

“FireEye is enabling us to address new layers of security infrastructure with the advanced technology that made their core products so effective,” said Brandy Peterson, CTO, FishNet Security. “The new platform will allow us to approach our customers with the right mix of new technology, updates for outdated products and services to help protect them from today’s advanced attacks.”

The new products and services are expected to be available during the first half of 2014, the company said.


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