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“Iranian” Advanced Fee Fraud


Claiming to come from Iran, but actually originating from in India, this allegedly Iranian scam is just a new twist on the Nigerian 419 scams that we are all familiar with.. in other words, this is an advanced fee fraud.

From: Ghohestani Hananehsadat Seyedhemed [email protected]
Reply-To: [email protected]
Date: 29 July 2011 07:55
Subject: FROM IRAN…..
         My name is Ghohestani Hananehsadat Seyedhemed; I was born in Mashad, Iran on 05th March 1991 to Mr and Mrs G. Seyedhemed, who dead in the January 2011 plane crash in Iran that killed more than 80 people including my Father, Mother and younger brother Ali.

 My father was a retired nuclear scientist and has worked in different project in Iran and outside Iran but lately there was a spate of serial killings of Iranian nuclear scientist and my father knew about it and was making arrangement for our trip and relocation to a foreign country and me and my brother was issued international passport on 15th July 2010 in preparation for our relocation and my father also made a deposit in a foreign bank amounting to $24,500,000USD(Twenty Four Million Five Hundred United States Dollars) for the settling in another country.

 Since my father died i have been trying to get the funds because i have the deposit documents and contact of his Lawyer who i have spoken with just after my fathers death but as a single lady in Iran you just cannot do anything on your own, you are not allowed to travel out of Iran and moreover with no access to telephone or constant internet. My father’s family took all that my father had here in Iran and forced me into marrying my father’s Friend when i disagreed initially they beat me and said as a single girl i cannot stay alone so i had no choice than to marry him. My life is really miserable because i am not allowed to go out, have visitors or use the phone.I have lost my pride as a woman. Luckily for me, my husband has a daughter my age and she allows me use her computer when she is around actually not knowing what i do here.

 Please i am contacting you in the Name of Almighty Allah who i serve and who my family serve to help me in getting these funds. All you need to do is stand as my family member and be next of Kin because the Lawyer told me then to suggest anybody who can stand as the next of kin and he will prepare necessary document but i cannot bring anyone from my father’s family since all they want is to claim my father’s property.

 I will send you the deposit certificate and the Lawyers contact so that you can make urgent contact with him. I will also send you my ID or passport for Identification if you need that. You may wonder why i am contacting you, a complete stranger but i trust you more than my father’s brothers who has done no good but harm to me and i know that you will not disappoint me too because i have gone through nights of prayers just to locate a reliable person who can help me out of this problem.

 I will need you to reply me with your details as follows to ([email protected])

Phone number……………………

 As soon as the money is transferred to you. We shall share the total amount 60% for me and 30% for you and 10% for any expenses incurred during this transaction. I want to use my share to get out of Iran and invest in a foreign Country. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible and may Allah bless you and your family.

Ghohestani Hananehsadat Seyedhemed


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